GWC14: Jaume Juan – “Challenge: An incredible Game Dynamic for Massive Learning”


Photo by woodleywonderworks

Photo by woodleywonderworks

Jaume Juan, the founder and CEO of Compettia talked about learning in corporations and companies. Slides for the talk can be found at slideshare.

In the last 5 centuries the model of education hasn’t changed. There is a teacher and he transfers his knowledge to the students. All information goes one way – from teacher to students. What would happen if students could learn and challenge each other and everyone would become a teacher?

The challenge dynamic is a process where one player challenges another player to do something in a short amount of time. It’s great because it’s very social and is programmed to be viral. Several great examples of challenge dynamic implementation could be found in games such as Draw Something and QuizUp. Even though you can play with anyone, it is much more fun to play against friends and family as it becomes a new medium to keep in touch.

So who are the players? They are different in each context, but for corporations it’s usually sales people, channels and colleagues. Different stores or departments can form teams and therefore teams can become players.

What is the challenge? It differs for each player/company but essentially internal training is about teaching processes, culture and knowledge about products and company. Knowledge is divided to questions and answers to make them simple. There is fixed amount of questions and limited time to answer these questions. Also some questions repeat themselves so players would memorize the answers.

Compettia has built a platform that allows companies to easily create their own campaigns. A campaign is essentially a set of specific questions. Several examples of campaign:

  • Sales Technique
  • Summer Collection 2014 training
  • Dissociated Diet
  • Fix and Repair iPhone 4 models
  • Know Who is Who in the Company
  • Customer Stories 2014

Player can choose what area he needs to work on and then he challenges someone from his team.

Jaume presented one real case about their client’s sales people training. This training lasted 4 days, contained 285 questions and 20 people participated in it. Questions were about “Knowledge about a Nutrition Family of Products”. During the campaign more than 52.000 questions were answered (about 2.600 per player). The most important metric was correct answer ratio and we can see how it increased during the training.

knowledge increased

Slide from presentation

It would have been interesting to see how this translated to real user satisfaction or increased sales in a long term.

I would like to share several pictures from the presentation as they represent clearly how the app works.

product knowledge

Slide from presentation

company game

Slide from presentation

A video that explains more about retaME platform

The main point everyone should take from this talk is that learning can be fun, social and engaging and companies that will use such platfoms as retaME will have a competetive advantage against their rivals.

This blog post is a review of my favourite talks from Gamification World Congress 2014. You can read more (in Lithuanian) about the trip to Barcelona and the conference in general. More blog posts about the conference are coming in the near future. Also there is a review of my favourites from last year – part 1 and part 2.